So What Do I Do With This Thing Called Life?

“Live it, obviously.” But what is to live? “How should I know? There isn’t a standard textbook answer to that. Anyway, does it even matter?” You’re right. There isn’t. Yes, it does matter. Why else would so many people reflect on what living is? Consider the following quotes. “Life has no remote. Get up and … More So What Do I Do With This Thing Called Life?

Dying Out

AUTHOR’S NOTE: PLEASE READ THIS WHILE KEEPING IN MIND THAT IT WAS WRITTEN IN MID-DECEMBER LAST YEAR AND WAS UNPUBLISHED UNTIL NOW FOR CERTAIN REASONS.  Here I am. “Yes.” Alive. In a million pieces, but alive. (grudgingly)”I can see that.” This has been…one hell of a semester. I look back at these past few months … More Dying Out

Of Images and Words

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” So goes the common idiom. (Giggle) What is it? “The word idiom sounds a lot like the word idiot, one of my favourite words.” Sigh. Chuckle. Yes. It does, doesn’t it? But it’s the saying itself that intrigues me. How true is that statement? Can an image really … More Of Images and Words

To Learn Of Gratitude

It happened in mid-June in the year of 2011. I was eleven, diagnosed with pneumonia and admitted in hospital. I vaguely recall falling ill after a friend’s birthday party at a water park. Feverish bouts came and…seemed to keep coming. Then arrived the breathing difficulty, unannounced and unwanted. On the third day of my stay, … More To Learn Of Gratitude

Compelling My Eruption

“You really aren’t special, you know that?” You’re a bit late. The thought’s already occurred to me. Why remind me now? “Because I can. You’re definitely not unique.”    Sigh. Well…you may be right there.   I think a lot. I chew on my words and those of others slowly. I reflect on my environment … More Compelling My Eruption